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Sponsor John Seaman 111

In his inaugural year of professional SXS racing, John Seaman has already demonstrated his potential by consistently securing podium finishes. His ultimate goal is to clinch championships in both Ultra 4 and short course racing. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of forming strong partnerships with reputable businesses. As a business owner himself, John understands the value of aligning with outstanding partners. He is committed to serving as am exemplary ambassador, representing brands with pride and professionalism both on and off the track. His track record this season reflects his commitment to excellence, with zero Did Not Finish incidents, thanks to rigorous pre-race preparation and meticulous maintenance.

John is dedicated to actively sharing his racing experiences and product reviews on his social media channels, reaching a large audience of fellow racers and trail riders. By partnering with him and his media team, your brand will gain valuable exposure and engagement within the motorsports community.


Influential and Genuine

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2023 Season Sponsors

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